Gardening Ideas & Tips for your Balcony

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There is absolutely no doubt that Earth has been always giving planet maybe that’s why they call it “Mother Earth”. Everything humans have ever needed to survive and thrive was provided unconditionally by the natural world around us. Yet most of the world has disconnected itself from the natural world that it is easy and often convenient to simply forget that nature remains as giving as ever, even as it vanishes bit by bit, it is constantly taken for granted by humans. The rise of technology and industry may have distanced us superficially from nature, but in no way has affected our basic reliance on the natural world, most of what we use and consume on a daily basis remains the product of multitudes of interactions within nature and many of those interactions are imperiled by the constant deterioration of the environment.

Benefits of Home Gardening

Home gardening as your medium to enhance your communication and touch with the nature. Apart from the obvious aesthetic benefits, it brings tremendous benefits to the health of your family.

  • Burns calories: Maintaining a garden can be a dutiful job but one hour of gardening can burn up to 350 calories while breathing in the purest oxygen directly
  • Stress Relief: Oxygen is the gas that we live on and it tends to have an ecstatic effect on your mind and calms you down
  • Reduces the chance of stroke: Living near greenery or gardening at home statistically prolongs life by around 30% and it is pleasant for your heart as well
  • Improves your immunity: Spending more time gardening, exposed to the sun, helps increase the levels of Vitamin D in your body which enables your body to absorb more calcium, boosting the strength of your bones
  • Creates a sense of empowerment: Gardening is a responsible task as it takes an additional effort to have living things to take care of
  • Brings you closer to yourself: Being in your own garden and experiencing the change of seasons lets you feel connected to the world. Spending time experiencing the flowers as they bloom can be a great form of meditation.

Tips to improve your gardening game

  • Keep it simple and take your time adjusting
  • Prepare a precise plan for gardening in accordance with your balcony
  • Set a budget before beginning the process
  • It is said enough but maybe not. Water the plants frequently.
  • Ensure that your balcony receives abundant sunlight
  • Add proper seating space in the garden
  • Make good use of the vertical space and also use hanging pots
  • Don’t crowd your garden up as each plant needs its personal space, just like humans
  • Use the best quality of soil according to the respective plants
  • Use green waste from your home and convert it into eco-friendly manure
  • Use appropriate fertilizers and pest control to keep your new family members healthy

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