Going Green, inside out: Benefits of using green shades in your home

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Excluding the dense urban jungle of Pune, it is home to some of the most beautiful slices of nature. It is located on the foothills of the Sahyadri Range and is surrounded by hills and greenery making it one of the most peaceful places to live in India. Owing to this greenery, the climate of Pune is usually very pleasant and on the cooler side. The city has been progressing and urbanizing quite rapidly that has led to the increase of the carbon footprint. The presence of untouched parts of nature has significantly reduced the negative impacts on the environment exponentially.

Importance of Green Color in the Interiors

Green is an extremely versatile color. Different shades of green have the power to promote different emotions. For example, light shades of green have a calming effect on the mind, and dark green is generally linked with greed and jealousy.

Green is often used to create a restorative and soothing atmosphere. It mostly has a calming effect with an additional sense of security which makes it a great choice for interior design. However, a few factors must be considered while choosing green in interior spaces.

  • Ceiling: Lighter shades of green creates a protective atmosphere when used for ceilings but create a disturbing look if extremely bright or dark tones are used
  • Walls: Walls are the most visible part of your home so mild tones of green create a cool and calm feel and dark tones may create a sense of irritation and disturbance to the eyes
  • Floor: Softer tones of green used on the floors give rise to a soft and relaxing vibe but dark or thick green floors don’t make a great choice

Symbolism of Green

In its true positive essence, Green is the color linked with life, renewal, nature, and energy. It is usually associated with growth, harmony, freshness, safety, and reflects a positive environment. Colors have the ability to influence the surroundings as well as be influenced by the surroundings and the color of light that falls on them. Green is the color that strikes balance and harmony. It is believed to host powerful vibrations of nature and growth that bring out the desires to expand and want more from life. It is often used to evoke a sense of balance and order and encourages change and transformation. It boosts growth and helps sustain the physical and mental changes that come your way. In interior design, green is often used to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere and is used in both residential and medical spaces. Similar to blue, green is soothing to the eyes, and is often one of the most preferred options for interior design, given the flexibility and the versatility of the color.

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