Nature is the biggest amenity

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Most of real estate developers believe that having a project with nature in its backdrop helps them in selling the project faster. Though it is a primary objective for many builders, from a customer’s point of view, living in a project away from the city amidst nature has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. While some customers tend to leave the city life behind and settle in a peaceful environment, some wish to live close to nature as well as the city.

The confluence of peace & luxury

Customers usually do not like to compromise on their requirements. Be it for living in a luxurious home, or a panoramic view of nature, or an extravagant nightlife… they want it all. Real estate developers very well take all these requirements into consideration and design projects that are well-situated around these needs. When it comes to providing the best of nature and the best of luxury, the project is planned in such a way that the ecology is not compromised as well. Mostly, the project keeps more than 50% open space for greenery so that there’s plenty of space for the community living around to experience the vastness of the project. There are numerous township projects approved by the state government that features nature as their prime offering.

The advantage of connectivity

There’s a common misconception that living in nature always equals living away from the city. The customers are deprived of basic necessities and are forced to lower their standard of living. Well, it’s not the case. There are projects well in city limits as well on the outskirts that never feel like an alienated space. The important thing is that every project these days offer the best connectivity when they say nature is abundant in their project. When we speak of connectivity, it’s not just in terms of going from point A to point B. Sometimes, the real estate developers tend to speak on a spiritual plane where they try to upsell peace of mind. Feeling connected to self and connecting with the aura around them and spreading positive energy is also considered to be one of the major attractions of nature. At 4 Taljai Hills, our intention is as pure as the air around here. We offer nature as our biggest amenity just so you can live free and breathe free from the pollution all around and yet enjoy the uninterrupted view of the cityscapes, just as you love it.

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