Tips to make every nook & corner beautiful!

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Homes are the reflection of your personality, more so than you might think. It is the sanctuary where you relax after a day of hard work and stress. Homes are like an open book that tells your story better than you ever could. From the color of your walls to the decorations that light up your sitting area, they all speak out quite loud for non-living things. We all desire for our homes to be unique and aesthetically pleasing. Some people might like bright shades, and some might like dull ones. It’s necessary to personalize your surroundings as this is the place you spend most of your time in and are your true self. Personalized décor and proper utilization of space create a positive vibe that helps you be the best version of yourself.

Neglected Corners in a Home

Most homes in India are compact, and there is a need to use all the space in your home to its fullest, corners and all included. Corners are usually ignored and are home to the dustbin in your room. Since the pandemic, most people have begun to desire spacious homes but they miss out on using unused spaces effectively. At times, barren corners are neglected while cleaning because cleaning around corners can be tedious.  There are several ways by which you can beautify or make the corners of your homes more efficient, space-wise.

Tips to beautify your corner spaces

Arguably, corners are the most neglected part of your home and are perceived as wasted spaces. The nook and corners of our home have an exceptional potential to beautify your home and are just as important as decorating any other room. Beautiful decor and modish arrangement are our best bet to make them lively and appealing. The overall look and feel of the room can change with just some slight modifications. Here are a few tips to beautify your corner spaces efficiently:

‘L’ is the way to go: An ‘L’ shaped desk can help you increase the storage capacity of the corner as well as creates your personalized workspace

Create your indoor green space: Apart from the very obvious health benefits that plants have to offer like purification of toxins and dehumidifying of the rooms, they beautify your personal space and perfect ways to fill your corners up

Create a reading space and library: Adding a shelf of books with a chair is a great way to catch up on your reads and it also adds an aesthetic benefit to your room

Light your corners up: Hanging lights and lamps beautify the corners quite well by enhancing the verticality of the space and makes a cozy environment for great conversations too

Hanging your favorite photos and art: Adding your favorite photos and art to the corners is a great way of filling up the space and beautifying the ambiance

Adding shelves: Simply by adding shelves you can solve the storage issues and place the art or small indoor potted plants to enhance the room

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