Venturing into an adventurous living

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I’m going on an adventure! Ever remember Bilbo Baggins saying this and running
into the wilderness? Yes! That’s exactly what you would feel when you enter the
serene side of Pune at Taljai Hills. When there’s an unsurmountable adrenaline rush
inside you, and you need to channelize it the right way, Taljai Hills offers you more
than an adventurous escapade. It offers you an adventurous living as well.
The Adrenaline Hotspot
There’s more than just a verdant blanket that embraces the serene resplendence of
Taljai Hills. It is defined by the upsurge of an unquenchable thirst for absorbing
every ounce of its grandeur. Taljai Hills is certainly a hotspot for bikers and trekkers
in the vicinity and people from the outskirts as well. Why is it so magnetic? The
answer is very simple. Taljai Hills rests at the height of 2,000 feet and offers a
panoramic view of the cityscapes as well as nature’s glorious expanse.
At the backdrop of Taljai Mata temple, Taljai Hills is the favourite go-to place for
numerous adventure enthusiasts, morning walkers and is purely breathtaking.
Speaking about purity, Taljai Hills is also a designated forest reserve and attracts
more than just bikers & trekkers. Various species of migratory birds and peacocks
can be seen during their seasonal migration. So, if running away from the mundane
is what you are seeking, Taljai Hills is the perfect getaway.
Is that all?
Taljai Hills is located in the Southern Corridor of Pune at Dhankawadi and that’s
where all the magic happens. If it’s the hustle and bustle of the city you wish to
escape, Taljai Hills presents an uninterrupted view of nature to satiate your soul.
On the other hand, if you feel like staying connected to the pulse of the city, yet
stay unplugged, Taljai Hills ensures that there’s plenty of green to embalm the
chaos around. The sparkling view of the cityscapes ensures that there’s this perfect
amount of lifestyle to keep your standards as high as the hills. With all the
necessities of a convenience store, schools and colleges, malls and entertainment
zones, Taljai Hills boasts of a picturesque locale so that you are surrounded by a
community of like-minded people who think and need the same things as you do.
That’s not all. Speaking of the weather in this part of the city, the climate is
relatively cooler than the city. That’s the reason why it’s windy during the
monsoons and the sunrise from here is always an astounding sight. So, just
imagine. If you had a chance to live amidst such a marvelous surrounding, would
you let that opportunity pass by? We NO the answer (pun, intended).

That’s where 4 Taljai Hills comes to your rescue. The splendid 2 & 3 BHK hill-view
apartments here will ensure that you experience the grand paradise of nature to its
fullest. Also, these homes ensure that you don’t just visit this place for your
weekend getaway, but you live an adventurous life every day. So, if you find this
hard to believe, come visit us. After all, seeing is believing, right?

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