Why green buildings make sense in times of COVID-19?

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Why green buildings make sense in times of COVID-19?

In spite of the vast vaccination drives all across the country, the end of the pandemic doesn’t appear to be anywhere in sight. A control in the cases of major cities is noticed due to strict lockdown implementations but the situation has taken turn for the worst in the rural areas of India due to their mediocre infrastructure in health and other aspects.

After a whole year of uncertainties, humans have adapted to this new model of the world and have created better solutions to protect yourself while protecting the environment hand in hand.

Importance of having green buildings

A green building is an asset proficient drive in the development area to secure individuals and the climate. Its plan and development decrease or disposes of adverse consequences and can establish positive effects on our environment and regular habitat. The idea is to produce better structures that benefit the climate and cost less to keep up. This sustainable way to deal with development represents a structure’s whole life cycle. With an expanding worry for the climate, it’s nothing far from the ordinary that the green buildings initiative keeps on gaining worthy attention and demand. From private constructions to corporate offices, practical planners are finding better approaches to safeguard our environment while decreasing our carbon impression.

Green buildings are beneficial in terms of economy as well as the ecology:

  • Minimizes the wastage of natural resources
  • Improves air quality index, indoors and outdoors
  • Brings good health, safety and comfort
  • Reduces stress levels and improves productivity and efficiency of the residents considering the majority of the workforce has been working from their homes
  • Optimizes energy consumption and reduces pollution levels
  • Reduces operational and maintenance costs in long-term thanks to the use of sustainable materials
  • Boosts the value of investment due to the constant rise in demands
  • Protects the biodiversity and reduces the carbon footprint
  • Brings a longer life to the residents as well as the building structure
The future of green buildings in India

There has been a massive surge in the demand for green architecture in India, with respect to residential and commercial. Health benefits, ecological benefits and economic benefits haven’t gone unnoticed and it is considered the most profitable form of construction in the current dire times. There already is a shortage of most resources in India due to the ever-growing and uncontrollable population density which leads to faster than average exhaustion of resources and the only way to sustain a better future is through sustainable and green building structures. As the population becomes more educated and aware of this condition, the demand for green buildings grows consistently.

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