Why is Dhankawadi the Green Capital of Pune?

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Why is Dhankawadi the Green Capital of Pune?

Dhankawadi is located in the southern corner pocket of Pune and it is mainly known for its proximity to nature and all of its beauty. A part of Dhankawadi has also been reserved as a bio-diversity park. It is barely on the outskirts of Pune but has excellent connectivity to Mumbai Pune Bypass road and the IT sectors that have raised the demands for real estate and the area has been under constant development since the beginning of this century.

Importance of Greenery in Today’s Time

The cities all over the world have become so densely populated that the only way to make space for more people is through deforestation and other methods of destroying the nature and with a necessity for all forms of distancing, it is not ideal to live in crowded space. The concrete jungle is taking over the natural jungle and its greenery without realizing the importance of its presence.

  • Greenery in your living environment reduces all forms of pollution
  • The quality of air in your surroundings next to greenery is excellent
  • The minimum drop in temperature, when compared to the cities, is at least 3 degrees
  • It facilitates better water management and promotes biodiversity
  • Greenery in proximity to homes generally increases the value of the properties
  • With its many positive effects, it is an important part of the solutions to the problems being faced by the world

Why is Dhankawadi the Green Capital of Pune?

The road to Dhankawadi passes with a picturesque mountain path, and sharp turns. The hills attract numerous migratory birds and are predominantly home to peacocks. Tucked within the Western Ghats with a satisfying climate virtually round the year, the place features a variety of attractions for environmentalists and shutterbugs. The open forest area provides a soothing haven for morning and evening walks and provides an ample amount of sunlight and air circulation all over. It has been an ideal spot for small treks and picnics because of its wide variety of flora and fauna making it the green capital of Pune.

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