Building on the hills with highest level construction quality

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Taljai hills is indisputably the most peaceful place to live in Pune. It is the perfect experience of nature and a luxurious lifestyle that goes hand in hand. Taljai hills enjoy the picturesque locale atop the hills whilst overlooking the cityscapes of Pune. At the height of 2,000 ft, away from the concrete jungle guarantees a smooth and untroubled lifestyle. It is an ideal choice for those who admire the greenery and prefer to live a calm and relaxing life.

Need for Building a Home Away from the City

Cities can feel crowded and noisy which unwantedly increase the stress levels of the human mind and large populations lead to large-scale pollutions of different varieties. This can be a cause for concern as, in the long term these factors play a significant role in your way of life. Building a home away from the city can be a life-altering decision as:

  • The pollution levels are much lower in comparison to the city
  • Better air quality index
  • The average temperature is at the least 2-4 degrees cooler than the city
  • Plenty of sunlight and ventilation in and around your home
  • The homes are spacious in comparison to the city which is full of compact, tightly knit societies and homes
  • The cost of living is less when compared to the city

Importance of Construction Quality atop the Hill

High quality of materials and construction on top of a hill is the most important factor that is to be taken into consideration by the builders as the ecological and topographical factors are different when compared to the city. Before the construction, many factors need to be examined through a thorough site inspection. Building homes on hills require a strong foundation but the buildings should generally be light due to the topographical structure. The atmosphere in the hills is generally moist and cool and the materials used must be in accordance with the climate to avoid any problems in the future.

Different Materials Used for Construction on Hills

The palette of materials used for building a home on a hill is very different from the materials used in the general aspect of construction. The materials used are:

  • Steel framed construction is the ideal choice
  • Gypsum Plasterboards
  • Cement wood boards are used
  • Sandwich panels are a combination of two reinforced cement sheets
  • Aerated concrete panels for the moisture content of the atmosphere

At 4 Taljai Hills, the construction quality of the project is as uncompromised as the location. Thoughtfully located atop the verdant hills at Taljai, these 2 & 3 BHK hill-view homes are the epitome of superior construction quality and unmatched amenities. Living here would be more than just a dream for you. It would be dream come true. Feels unbelievable, right? Visit to know more.

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