Factors that can potentially increase your lifespan

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Living in peace while the world becomes more and more crowded is the dream for most. Considering the current scenario with the second wave peaking, it is in fact ideal to stay a little distant from the world. Taljai hills is the definition of serenity in proximity and it is located in the southern part of Pune. It is very close to the forest and has been a very popular weekend getaway for trekkers. With ample amounts of sunlight and every breath of air so fresh, Taljai Hills has the perfect climate to set the perfect atmosphere to live life with an increased lifespan.

Why is living away better than living in the city?

City life has always had its perks but been noisy, congested and polluted. A comfortable life away from the city in this world situation can be considered a win-win scenario. The stress levels in the city are very high due to trivial things like someone not driving properly or stopping a green light and these trivial things have a greater impact on health than we can imagine. Life away from the city is better as:

  • The climate is much cooler than the city
  • It is less polluted
  • There’s no traffic in comparison to the city
  • You get ample free space
  • You can live a simple and easy life

Factors that potentially increase the Lifespan

Increasing the lifespan of humans may sound like a voodoo experiment but it is quite simple. City life gradually decreases the average human lifespan for example it is believed that people living in Delhi consume an equivalent of 2 packs of cigarettes a day whether they smoke or not and this is because of the quality of air in Delhi is very poor.

The factors that can potentially increase life span are:

  • Air quality index of the surrounding: It ranges from 0-500 and the higher it is the more harmful and cities generally range between 150-500 while outside the city the AQI is between 0-100
  • Space: Physical and social distancing has become the primary requirement in the world today and it is difficult to practice distancing in the cities
  • Pollution: All the different pollution levels (air, water, noise, light, land) are much higher in the cities and can have serious impacts on health
  • Air ventilation and sunlight: Proper circulation of air and sunlight are the natural factors that help in increasing the lifespan
  • Climate: The average difference between the temperatures of the city and at the least 3 to 4 degrees cooler away from the city
  • Stress: The low stress levels away from the cities are what increases the life expectancy as high-stress levels have a great impact on the immunity of the body

At 4 Taljai Hills, your lifespan is potentially meant to increase by a few years considering all these aspects surrounding the location as well as the 2 & 3 BHK homes where you get to live. Apart from an impeccable view of nature all around, what you get here is absolute bliss and a feeling of repose away from the city during these tough times. An experience like this can never be missed. If you feel like being a part of this panoramic world, visit www.4taljaihills.in and schedule a virtual site visit today.

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