Plants that bring good fortune home

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Plants that bring good fortune home

Homes are sanctuaries that you inhabit for most of your life and it is the place where you are comfortable and is a safe haven for your family. It is a basic requirement that along with reliable comfort, homes must be beautiful and visually soothing. Home décor is the one thing that captures the interests of everyone regardless of social status and financial capability as everyone desires to live in an aesthetically pleasing environment. Your home is the external reflection of what’s inside you, the colors you choose or the accessories you use to decorate your homes tell quite a lot about personalities.

Elevating the aesthetics of a home, naturally!

Indoor plants don’t just purify the air of your home by inhaling the toxins like carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen, they also spark up the aesthetic essence of your homes. Seeing plant life around you helps enhance your mood and you tend to feel calm and relaxed. Indoor plants can go about as your getaway from the real world, where you can hang out and find some composure. The size or built of your home doesn’t make any difference. Once you bring plants home, you will begin seeing slight changes in yourself, which means your wellbeing, joy, and a superior mindset.

Plants tend to freshen up the atmosphere of your home while bringing positively elegant vibes to your home spaces and are actually very easy to maintain. A variety of plants can liven up spaces as we’re never really looking for uniformly aligned plants, the variance in types and sizes distinctly beautifies your home and are great to fill up some dull and empty spaces.

Plants that bring good fortune

Apart from the obvious health and aesthetic benefits, some plants are believed to attract good luck and fortune. Having a variety of plants purifies the air and improves the humidity of your home and displaces the residual negative energies in your home. The top plants that attract good fortune are:

  • Tulsi: It is considered one of the most sacred plants in the Hindu culture and it enhances the positivity of homes. It repels mosquitoes and purifies the atmosphere.
  • Jade Plant: They have small rounded leaves that are believed to grant good luck. It symbolizes regeneration and growth and brings positivity into your homes.
  • Money Plant: It is known to bring wealth and good luck to your homes. They are natural air purifiers with little to no maintenance and are said to bring success in personal and professional lives.
  • Rubber Plant: The leaves of the rubber plant resemble coins and it is believed to provide an abundance of wealth and fortune.
  • Areca Palm: This leafy plant purifies the air in your homes and absorbs the toxins. It leads to good health and peace while eliminating the negative energies and attracts positivity.
  • Lucky Bamboo: The number of bamboo stocks is associated with inviting fortune. Three stalks represent happiness, wealth, and long life. Five or six stalks can mean wealth and good luck, and seven stalks can symbolize good health.

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